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XLiteBeauty Skin Lightener is one of the most comprehensive lotion of its kind on the market today. Our Skin Lightener through our patented special formula slowly and naturally lightens your skin but it also has several extra benefits. Our lotion was primarily developed to lighten your skin but because of this natural bleaching system it also has antiseptic properties. While boosting and brightening your skin it stimulates production of collagen, and smooth and tightens your skin while reducing excess oil. This collagen build up provides an anti-aging benefit. A brighter lighter natural looking skin tone after just a few short weeks.

XLiteBeauty Brown Spot Remover was developed because at any age one can develop spots or hyper pigmentation of the skin. Our spot remover is similar to our skin lightener in that it was developed with all natural products and is safe to use with proper instructions. You will see within a few weeks’ age spots or dark spots lighten and with long term use will slowly disappear. Our Spot Remover will result in smoother more even younger looking skin.

How to use our Skin Lightener
Clean your face and neck area with our mild soap, rinsing with warm water. Using our convenient roller applicator, roll all over you face, forehead, and neck area. Stay away from eye areas and lips as the antiseptic nature can dry out these areas and this could cause redness and irritation. Leave on for 30 minutes and apply twice per day. We suggest you apply to a small area to see if there is any reaction to be safe.

How to Use Our Spot Remover

Clean the area where there are spots; such as face, hands arms legs or torso with our mild soap then rinse with warm water. Place our convenient roller tip. On the spot and coat the area. Leave on 30-60 minutes and apply twice per day. The liquid will feel sticky to the touch, which means it is working. Rinse with cool water and no soap. If any redness appears we suggest to shorten the application time. After a few days you will start to see a color change. It is advisable to take a picture before use and compare the spot after two weeks of application twice per day. Continue the treatment until the spot is gone. If you are not experiencing any redness you can leave XLiteBeauty Spot remover on over night. We suggest you apply to a small area to see if there is any reaction to be safe.

Warning: Do not expose the skin or spot being treated to sun exposure especially while you have any of our XLiteBeauty Products on we strongly suggest using a sunscreen during treatments. If XLiteBeauty Produces are accidentally swallowed just sip a glass of cool water. All our products are natural and unlikely to cause concern.

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